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Slot Cars Adelaide

Steve's Wings & Bars for Sprint Cars

Thanks to Steve of BMR we have a complete how to do on fitting wings & bars to our sprint cars . This section is under construction. It could take a while as I seem to get a lot of frustrating problems uploading & publishing these types of pages on Webs.

This has been ongoing for ages and I don't know if it's their system or mine. I usually tell them when they ask in a survey but its still happening so I guess its my problem.

So just bear with me and I will get it done eventually -I HOPE.

OK I have uploaded all the pictures. Due to the malfunctions of the system some of the photos have increased in size by themselves. Initially they were all the same size before uploading. I think if you click & hold on the picture you can slide it a little to read the missing bit. Sorry about that but I have lost my patience with the photo uploading system. - John

Steve's Wings & Bars - 1

Steve's Wings & Bars - 2

Steve's Wings & Bars - 3

Steve's Wings & Bars - 4

Steve's Wings & Bars 5

Steve's Wings & Bars 6

Steve's Wings & Bars 7

Steve's Wings & Bars 8

Steve's Wings & Bars 9

Steve's Wings & Bars 10

Steve's Wings & Bars 11