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Slot Cars Adelaide

Photo Gallery

Lincoln Park 4 Lane Lincoln Park 4 Lane Track Plan Track Master program was used to draw the track. It was done using Carrera track pieces. The track has 10mm wider lane spacing than Carrera but that did not seem to be a problem. The radius was based on the inner curve of the Carrera 1/60 curve. The diagram shows the different radius in different shades. 129214762 Measuring & Scribing After the boards -1800mm x1200mm were cut to shape the lanes were scribed with a plywood arm with screws protruding to mark lanes & edges for the various 1/60,2/30& 3/30 inner radius. 110mm lane spacing. 129174248 Corner Sections and Pivots the pivot points are left on the boards for routing. Some pivots are off the original board so extra pieces are added for the pivot point. 129212035 The Esses There is 4 pivots for this section . 30 deg 2/30 curves on entry & exit with back to back 60 Deg. 1/60 curves in the center. 129212771 Laying out the track The sections are placed on the floor to check how it all fits 129212995 Hairpin & Staights layed out 129213262 The sweeper 129213280 The Esses 129213671 Pivots for Routing Corners This corner has 2/30 for 60 deg. then 3/30 for 30 deg. so the two pivots are shown. Red pivot for the 2/30 curve and silver alloy for the 3/30 curve. The Miles Craft router circle cutting kit was too short for these radius so a board was fitted to the strait cutting guide with the mounting plate inverted. There is 2 holes in the board for the different radius. The 1/60 corners can be routed with the standard arm. 129213850 Router on radius arm set for 3/30 curve Here is the router mounted and starting the largest 3/30 curve 129214635 Routing Straight sections Used a Makita Trimmer Router and guide. Attached a length of 9mm ply to the guide and cut a 110mm wide strip of the 19mm ply to use for the guide. Easy to manage but need to keep downward pressure on the router guide and the other hand to keep pressure down on the trimmer. I do a light 3mm deep rout first to ensure the groove is straight and correct. Then I do a 6mm cut then finally do the 8mm deep groove. This seems to give a good result. If the track piece is a corner and some straight I do the corner routing first then use a guide to drill 1/8" holes at the end away feom the corner. Place the trimmer bit in the drill hole then align the guides . Go to the end of the corner & do the same thing. 129475977 first 1/4 of the track routed 129477337 1/2 the track now routed the esses are done ! 129478099 Corner 10 into the start/finish straight 129478680 close up of the esses 129479424 1/24 scale BRM Car 129479566 Measuring Slots pic. 1 Used a steel rule with 1/8" holes drilled accurately on spacing of 110mm. Drill first hole on mark then put 1/8" drill end into the hole through the steel rule. Drill the 3 other holes on the 110mm spacing. 132088374 Measure slots pic. 2 Set Plunge router on the outer hole drilled in pic 1. Lock arm & swing router on pivot to the other end of the corner . Plunge the router about 10 mm from the edge. Again place the drill blank through the ruler clamp the ruler and drill the inner 3 holes with 1/8 drill through the ruler. For each slot lock the arm with bit in hole at he starof the curve. Swing the router to the hole at the end of the curve. see if router drops into that hole. If it does the slot can be cut from the start of the curve - make sure the pivot arm adjusters are locked first. This method was also used on the straights. 132088880 Track Slip Joint 1 The joint is 2 fingers and 2 slots on each section end.a piece of 9mm ply 200mm wide was drilled with 1/16 holes using a jig. these holes were then linked with a scribe line and that was highlighted with a red paint felt pen. A jig saw was used to cut the ply . The fingers & slot were produced so that one half is attached to each of the track sections being joined. 2 X 100mm ply plates are then screwed over the first ply with the fingers to finish the slots. 132089854 Track Slip joint 2 The joint is shown assembled with one cover plate not fitted.The fingers fitting into the slots is shown. The over center latch to be fitted each side is shown in position before fitting. 132089855 Sections Apart Shows the track sections with 2 fingers each section. Also shown is the 3 locating dowels. 132091906 Routing Braid Gains The gains were routed .038" deep . this has left the braid .010" below the track surface. 132091907 Track Gains & Surface Painted 1 The gains are painted ready to have braid fitted. The track surface has been sprayed with Cabothane Satin water mixed Urethane paint. The paint was still drying in these photos 132927620 Painted track 2 132927621 Painted track 3 but recoated again I did not like the appearance and the sheen of the satin water mixed Cabothane. The track then had 2 coats of Ferrodor with a sponge roller . Over that was a rolled a coat of oil based Flat clear Cabothane (Flat is not available in the water based) 132927622 Braid Laying & Preparation The Gains had most lane paint removed back to the original sprayed coat of Cabothane water base. 3M specify that the VHB DS tape adheres well to the Urethane paint . Braid & tape went down well by twisting into the edge of the gain. Laying with the gain edge away as in the photo seemed the best way to go. 133930125 Braid Laying equipment. Dennis helped with efficiency by making up the braid roll holder. The 2 mobile work benches and the mobile braid jinker made the process a lot more comfortable . The braid was pulled through the tub of Metho & then dryed with a clean white rag . Also the gains were wiped & then scrubbed with metho . But do not get too much on the painted track surface . If you do wipe or blow off immediately. The air blow gun was essential to remove swarf in all operations. A pressed metal rasp blade was shaped & used to clean up the slots. 133930126 The Corkscrew is braided Each track section took 3 hours to braid and fix the braid at the ends. The braid goes over a 4mm peice of rubber tye with wire inside it is bent in a U shape and fits into the grove with holes at each end of the groove. A dob Gel Grip was placed as the braid goes over the end of the gain. The braid was then bought over the rubber "spring" and into the gain cut in the under side of the "tongue" board. Here it was retained with a tack and leaving 20 - 30mm sticking out for connecting wiring. The Gell Grip was wiped off after pushing the braid in against the rubber. 133930127 Removing Steps on Joints On testing the track the slight difference in Hieght at the joints proved a problem on some lanes. I used the corner of a steel rule to locate any steps from both directions of travel. I used a body filler file to level the joint while rechecking with the steel rule corner. I used the small triangle sander to finish of. Care must be taken not to damage the braid . The process took about a half hour on each of the joints needing correction. Once complete I masked the braid and gave the repaired area it a coat of water mixed Cabothane. Then 2 coats of Ferrodor . Finally coated with oil mixed flat Cabothane. 134478293 The Fences I did the fences with 2 different PVC angles.One is for rendering archways while the other isa window trim. The archway PVC was tacked to the track & a piece of 3mm ply used to space the angle from the track while I inserted the Screws and cup washers.The window trim PVC had the retaining side removed with a jig saw. The remaining side was inserted between the track edge and the Archway PVC . The result is a fence 40mm high that can be removed an 100 mm wide perspex fitted where needed . 134478294 Corkscrew & Esses 136968035 The Hairpin 136968036 Race Control Track has 2 race control interfaces. Top photo is the screen of the Trackmate Module which requires compuer connection The lower photo is the 2 DS 300 Modems One for lanes 1&2 the other for 3&4. This can operate as stand alone or connected to computor to record results. 136968037 Start & Finish straight Turn 8 (kink) to the left , esses into the sweeper on the right. 136968038 The Cork screw into turn 10. The Parabola is to the right . 136968039